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Projects Completed

Wilbros  choba year 2004-2007 (Machinery and spares, pumps, power transmission,  Electrical, power transmission, conveyor systems and pumps)

Exxonmobil EHRA project partner with Saipem year 2005 ( Machinery and spares, lifting equipment, tools and PPE)

TotalFina Elf OML-58 Obaji in partner with Saipem Year 2005 to 2008 (machinery and spares and tools)

Shell petroleum SOKU 2 partner with Saipem year 2005-2007 (machinery and spares supply)

NAOC OB/OB phase 4-5-6 partner with Saipem year 2008-2010 (Machinery and spares)

Shell Gbaram pipeline Partner with saipem Year 2008-2010 (Machinery and spare, tools)

Exterran/Hanover  year 2007-present (Tools, machinery and spares, supply, piping and  process system, PPE, Lifting equipment and conveyor system)

Orleans Intels year 2008-2010 (Hilux and trucks)

Bourbon  Interoil Nig Ltd Year 2004-present (Tools, Lifting equipment, signage,  PPE, Communication equipment, Electrical supply, machinery and spares  parts for cummins, CAT and detroit engines)

West Atlantic shipyard Year 2004-2009 spares, vesicle, trucks PPE.

Saipem year 2004-present (machinery and spares)

Smith Lamalco (Supply of machinery and spares for diesel engines for CAT and cummins Engines)

DISN  supply of machinery and spares for diesel engines for CAT and cummins,  Lifting equipment, Electrical, PPE tools, Pumps, Power transmission,  Communication equipment.

Delattre  Bezions nig Ltd 2010-date Supply of machinery and spares, pumps,  electrical supplies, Tools, lifting equipment, power transmission and  PPE.

VAN Oord 2011-date Supply of Machinery and spares and consumables.